Friday, January 31, 2014

Are You Yammering Yet??

Have you tried out Yammer yet? Once we get a little further down this path to our new technologies, Yammer will become one of our primary ways to communicate with each other. Get a head start and start Yammering now! Watch this 2 minute video for a quick overview. You can also check with the designers -- they're taking Yammer to the max. Way to go, Designers!
Yammer 101

Work Different!

Work Different! That's a new tagline we're using as we continue our move into new technologies. We're not only exploring new computer systems, we're also looking for new ways to work.

It's an exciting time and we hope you all feel that excitement, too. Change is difficult - even good change - but it's also an opportunity to start fresh, to come up with new ideas, to be entrepreneurial, all kinds of possibilities. Let's open our minds to whatever may come!

Quick update

So, we're almost to February, as you know, and the timeline shows that in January we were scheduled to go live with CRM (replacement for and start learning AX (replacement for Khameleon). Both of those have occurred.

In CRM, Monique Lowe and Anthony Jenkinson are the leads from the Core Team. They, along with Mavis and Sandy, have been working with our Armanino partners to learn the new system and start talking about ways to make it work best for Pivot. More to come on this, but we're progressing well.

In AX, the Core Team spent several days learning how AX works out of the box, and began some discussion of possible customizations to increase efficiencies for Pivot. Lots more to come on this, too, but it's been a great start!

In February, the design work for our new technologies continues, and we are scheduled to begin putting our own data into AX -- such as customers, vendors, GL accounts, and so on. We will also be working with Herman Miller to figure out our integration with AX and their data -- the upload of products from our Cap specs, purchase order processing, acknowledgments, and invoicing.

That's a quick update. There are many more steps to go, decisions to be made, ideas to explore, and new things to try as we figure out how we at Pivot will Work Different!